Who's that girl?

It's Martha, the Doctor's new travelling companion

Freema Agyeman has the best job on TV, travelling through time and space with the Doctor in the Tardis.

When she spoke to Huw Tubervill of The Newspaper she'd filmed half of the new series that's expected to be shown on BBC1 from Easter.

She plays a medical student called Martha Jones who goes to the moon, meets William Shakespeare and battles new monsters called the Judoon.

Freema has a tough task replacing Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler in the smash-hit show, but she is such a sweetie - she insisted I shared her sandwich and crisps - everyone will love her.

Can you recall the old Doctor Who (1963-89)?

Yes, Sylvester McCoy (1987-89) was my Doctor. I also remember Bonnie Langford (Mel), Sophie Aldred (Ace) and the music.

Did you watch the first two series of the new version that starred Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant?

Yes, I loved them; the way Russell T Davies has brought it back is brilliant, the timing was bang-on. He's not alienated older fans and look how many more new ones there are! It's about imagination, the concept is timeless.

Has it been hard taking over from Billie?

I'm having too much of a good time to worry about it. Rose was a tremendous character, everyone loved her and people were sorry to see her go. Rose isn't forgotten but Martha brings out different aspects of the Doctor's character. Rose and Martha would have ganged up against the Doctor!

What's Martha like?

She's older than Rose, more secure, but she doesn't have a boyfriend. She has her own little flat and her family around her. Rose had only her mum, but Martha has a big family. She isn't looking to the Doctor for guidance or education, she wants adventure! She hasn't kissed her old life goodbye though, and I think she intends to go back to qualify as a doctor. There are funny moments when the Doctor says, 'I'm the Doctor' and Martha says, 'So am I'! She speaks her mind.

The Doctor's companions have changed over the years.

The girls were called assistants, they sounded like a magician's helper but now they are stronger thanks to girl power! It's about companionship, friendship, teamwork, exploration and looking out for one another.

If you had a real Tardis, where would you go?

In the series we go back to see Shakespeare at the Globe theatre and 1930s New York. If I had a Tardis, I'd probably see the dinosaurs and then I'd change something I'd regretted doing.

The Doctor faced a spider queen at Christmas, what creature would scare you?

I find the Cybermen scarier than the Daleks. Also, I'd be scared by anything that moves quickly - that could chase me!

Do you have to keep fit to be chased by monsters?

Yes, but I love going to the gym. When I don't exercise I really notice a change in my mood! We work long days in Cardiff so we have to keep our energy levels up, do lots of exercise and eat healthily. I also want to wear heels because David Tennant is 6ft 2ins, and I'm a foot shorter - but you can't run in heels!

In the last series you played a character who was killed by Cybermen, Martha isn't related to that character, is she?

No, the writers have found a clever way around it. You'll see!

If you were in love with someone who changed bodies as the Doctor does, would it affect the way you felt about them?

It would depend on how long we had been together. Looks are important to start with but after a while it all becomes much deeper and gradually you start to love someone's personality.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like playing pool. If I'm tired, I like watching telly and sending texts. I'll be behind the sofa with my family when the series starts.